You are: Werewolf

BF: Stiles

Lover: Peter

Enemy: Gerard

Crush on you: Gerard

Rommate: Derek

FTD: Derek

FK: Danny

FS: Lydia

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Race: Witch; Class: EAT; Partner: Maka Albarn;

Senior: Marie Mjölnir; FT: Franken Stein; Secret admirer: Maka Albarn;

Sin: Envy; Devoted to: The Shibusen; Rival: Soul Evans.

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Bloodline: Muggleborn
House: Ravenclaw
Favorite subject: Defense against the dark arts
Best friend: Ron Weasley
Lover: Harry Potter
School club: The Slug Club
Pet: Cat
Patronus: Horse
Quidditch position: Beater

Bloodline: Pureblood
House: Slytherin
Favorite subject: Care of magical creatures
Best friend: Hermione Granger
Lover: Drago Malfoy
School club: Quidditch
Pet: Owl
Patronus: Other
Quidditch position: Seeker

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Harry Potter (click and drag)

You are: Muggleborn; You meet: Cedric Diggory;

You are sorted: Slytherin; You are friends with: Hermione Granger;

10 points are awarded; 5 points are taken;

You excel at: Potions; You are a: Beater;

You get: Accptable;

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YOU ARE A: detective ; YOUR OBJECT: mjölnir ; BEST FRIEND: willow rosenberg ;
FIRST KISS: lancelot ; LOVER: jaime lannister ; LOVES YOU: harry potter ;
ENEMY: ninth doctor ; YOU SAVED: mary winchester ; KILLED BY: mycrift holmes

YOU ARE A: wich; YOUR OBJECT: one ring;

BEST FRIEND: stiles stilinski; FIRST KISS: steve rogers;

LOVER: dean winchester; LOVES YOU: samwise gamgee;

ENEMY: annie leonhart; YOU SAVED: albus dumbledor;

KILLED BY: lucifer

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Species: Demon

BF: Dean

Lover: Sam

FK: Sam

Partner: Lucifer

KB: Dean


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BF: Dumbledor

Lover: Dumbledor

Enemy: Ron

Twin: Luna

FK: Harry

KB: Luna

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Japanese Food Porn

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